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Professional & Consulting Services

Your business venture needs to scale up, evolve, and develop in an intensely competitive environment. To get the upper hand in this aspect you can rely on ELIFACT’s acumen in tech support, cloud integration solutions, and business IT services. With the high caliber consulting services, you can accelerate productivity and build incredible efficiencies in your business processes.

We know it takes hours and days to eliminate performance silos, and that’s where our team of experts come in. They analyze the situation, identify technical glitches, and then create solutions that turbocharge your business growth.

Every business is different from the other. Hence, it becomes crucial to adopt specific approaches and leverage proven technologies. We believe in renovating your enterprise architecture by designing a unique plan for advanced operations. From strengthening the IT team to introducing Cloud, we perform numerous functions that increase enterprise productivity.

What we do

At ELIFACT, we understand the significance of professional consulting. A business needs to carve strategic decisions, adopt innovative approaches, and achieve sustainability. With an arsenal of state-of-the-art methodologies and a proficient team of experts, we at ELIFACT can ensure comprehensive business growth.

Introducing our solutions

Secure, dynamic, and reliable IT infrastructure is a key requisite for every enterprise. The team at ELIFACT can extend the following support services:

Assessing cloud suitability:

We can assess the distinctive needs of diverse enterprises thus identifying Cloud structure suitability. Our experts will make sure the technologies implemented are specific, targeted, and tailored according to business needs.

IT optimization:

Leveraging industry –proven tools to analyze inter-process dependencies is an integral part of IT optimization. We can provide you with such solutions within shortest time spans.

ASD implementation:

The ‘Accelerated Solution Design’ or ASD methodology is a crucial step towards enterprise growth. We can work on diverse business models and ensure holistic growth for all of them.

Cost reductions:

Since we are adept in simplifying processes and business operations, cost minimization occurs as a natural outcome. We strive hard to increase ROIs and our expertise helps us do that.

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