Enterprise Solutions

Leverage the enterprise solutions from ELIFACT to accelerate end to end operations in production and supply chain business functions. With our in-depth domain expertise, you can achieve seamless operations. Get targeted growth through business continuity and enterprise security, with the high-performance enterprise solutions devised by us at ELIFACT. Right from devising a strategy roadmap to deploying apt solutions, we can extend comprehensive support. If you wish to tap into the power of innovative enterprise solutions, our technology solutions will emerge as the ideal catalyst.

Introducing our service suite

Enterprises have to protect and safeguard critical assets whenever there’s an emergency. We will make sure you satisfy compliance as well as regulatory requirements for your venture. When it comes to adopting the right technologies for targeted enterprise solutions, we can extend the following approaches:

  1. Integrated systems

Our expertise in working across integrated systems will surely ensure huge benefits for your business architecture. The solutions delivered by us include:

  1. Converged systems
  2. Hyper-converged systems
  3. Blade and compassable systems

The team at ELIFACT can help you work in optimized IT environments. We are adept in delivering the following solutions for server management:

  1. Server management systems

From optimizing performance density and enabling high-end computing to managing servers for IoT and Cloud, our enterprise solutions services includes all that your enterprise needs. We can work in challenging environments yet deliver strategic solutions to clients across industry verticals.

  1. Business storage services

Data storage is as important as analysis. The experts working with us have extensive experience in this sector and we can bank on their services. Here’s what we can offer to you:

  1. Hybrid and all-flash storage
  2. Enterprise and mid-range storage
  3. Entry-level data storage systems
  4. Data retention, protection, and security
  5. Orchestration and storage management
  6. Storage services powered by software
  7. Networking solutions

Our service range will give you a complete picture of what we can do for clients. If you wish to deploy the right set of enterprise solutions for businesses, we will lend the desired support.

End-to-end services

Data encryption and end-to-end solutions are crucial for businesses across the globe. With a highly optimized and comprehensive IT infrastructure, you can easily revolutionize operational processes. It’s imperative to choose end-to-end services for complete support. With a team of top talents, we can help your enterprise achieve effective solutions easily.

Change your enterprise infrastructure for the better! Give us a call or just send a mail and we will render professional support.