Endpoint Protection

Empowering your IT infrastructure is highly crucial for seamless operations. It is mission-critical to identify potential security threats along with malicious software that interferes with data security and integrity. Detecting and blocking malicious programs become crucial for advanced functioning. An enterprise has various departments which play significant role in its overall performance. You have to block potential security threats from all these infected sources and change security policies for every single IT head.

Our Endpoint Protection services and security suite is appropriate for multiple businesses. If you are looking for effective endpoint encryption, our technologies will claim to grab optimum market share.

Check out the services

ELIFACT has access to the right resources, targeted technologies, and powerful software programs that work together to ensure successful endpoint encryption. Our service profile and solutions include:

  1. Architecture designing: It takes time, efforts, and expertise to design the security architecture for your enterprise. At ELIFACT, we can align design objectives with enterprise goals.
  2. Implementation of the structure: Once the architecture is ready, we can come up with effective tips for successful implementation. The proposed solution will get translated into technical programs.
  3. Supporting existing clients: Whether it’s on-site support or remote assistance, we can render useful solutions to existing clients. Our work approaches and processes can also be revamped according to needs of new clientele.
  4. Device-control: We can design, devise, and deploy device-control applications and features. That gives you optimum control over multiple processes.
  5. Anti-virus support: Our team will never want you to suffer because of improper, outdated, and non-functional anti-virus support. The implementations can occur in both DR and DC environment. We know what clients wish for and can deliver exact solutions to them.

Added assurance

While taking up endpoint protection projects, we take time and devote attention towards understanding specific enterprise needs. Our proven methodologies and suite of technological applications can empower your enterprise architecture. From the initial designing to final deployment, we can extend comprehensive support to clients across industrial channels. Irrespective of your operational area, data encryption is necessary if you are dealing with critical data sets. With certified processes and world-class technology support, we will emerge as the leaders.

When endpoint encryption becomes crucial, think no further than ELIFACT. Our expertise, professional associations, and innovative approaches will surely make a difference for your enterprise data. Embrace our encryption solutions and get going!