ELIFACT introduces exceptional, unique, and innovative mobility solutions for clients across the globe. We understand the significance of targeted mobility solutions for your enterprise. Identifying the right strategies and operational framework seems to be the crucial requisite here. With a team of technically proficient experts and mobility engineers, we can deliver innovative and strategic solutions.

What ELIFACT can offer?

Moving the entire business architecture and operational framework to mobile infrastructure isn’t an easy task to perform. Expert assistance and professional support are highly crucial. The team working at ELIFACT can identify diverse needs, point out targeted mobility solutions, and implement them into existing enterprise setup. We can extend support and deliver solutions in these domains:

  1. Addressing mobility solutions bases on specific enterprise requirements
  2. Mobile device and security management
  3. Solving challenges faced in application management
  4. Managing IT services

These services ensure holistic and complete mobility solutions for an enterprise. We aim to revolutionize your processes and help you achieve increased productivity.

Our work principles

At ELIFACT, we work on the principle of 3 I’s. Ideation, innovation, and integration form the crux of our mobility solutions. Here’s what we do:

  1. Ideate: We carve strategies and work on ideas that ensure successful mobility management. Our expertise will surely help you devise solutions that get aligned to the existing IT infrastructure.
  2. Innovate: It is crucial to identify a dynamic framework for your enterprise. Even if you wish to embrace mobility solutions, it has to be innovative and mingle seamlessly with the current processes.
  3. Integrate: Identifying your infrastructural strengths and integrating solutions accordingly requires unmatched technical expertise. We will make sure the shift to BYOD, smartphones, and managed laptops is as seamless as possible.

Safeguarding Enterprise Data

Crucial data sets are all that you need to tap into the right growth channels. Leveraging Big Data can unlock new avenues of automaton thus increasing business efficiency to a great extent. With in-depth knowledge, professional expertise, and targeted approaches, we can encrypt your physical as well as on-premise data centers effectively.

Experts at ELIFACT are just a call away when you decide to revolutionize existing enterprise infrastructure. Identify the scope for innovation and take the giant lead towards mobility. We will support you right from the inception to the final deliveries. Give us a call and let us take charge.