Data Loss Prevention

Are you in search of dynamic solutions that enable complete control over enterprise data? Do you wish to protect critical enterprise information from malicious attacks? With years of extensive experience, a unique vision, and innovative approaches, experts at ELIFACT can preserve data sets within the enterprise architecture. Transferring information from one department to another or breaking the corporate data firewall can lead to severe consequences. It’s here that you need to achieve successful data loss prevention that protects your site from multiple attacks.

Uninhibited control for administrators

Network administrators and data experts should have unquestionable authority over enterprise information. Sharing it outside corporate networks will affect data integrity. We have a team who constantly works on protecting and safeguarding these important data sets. Administrators will have complete control over critical information and can determine the amount of flexibility end-users have over data sets. 

Preventing disclosures

It requires in-depth knowledge of data security systems along with technical proficiency to deal with confidential information. Unauthorized access should be monitored and prevented immediately after identification. If an employee tries to access information or transfer data sets outside the central corporate domain, our software solutions will instantly stop the action. We ensure complete end-point control, which happens to be one of the prime highlights of our solutions.

Ensuring targeted data protection

Data encryption and protection is highly significant for enterprises. If you wish to leverage critical data sets effectively, it would be imperative to employ and make the most DLP tools. Data filtering takes place successfully thus leaving ample scope for preserving authenticity. Apart from state-of-the-art technologies, we have a dynamic team of data scientists who can deliver exceptional diverse clientele. Quite unlike competitors, we can prevent loss of data that’s already in motion. Our range of services and complete suite of data protection solutions will help enterprises grow. Here’s a quick look:
  1. Optimum data security: We can design and devise strategies for developing strong firewalls for critical enterprise data.
  2. Network enforcement: Our network enforcement solutions can help you build a protected environment for data transfer.
  3. Extending into cloud: We will make sure the entire data setup gets extended to the Cloud architecture. Our regulatory and security compliance helps us emerge as the pioneers in data loss prevention.

We aim to innovate processes within the existing business architecture. With a team of highly experienced and proficient data experts, targeted data protection won’t be a hard nut to crack.