Datacenter Security

Your organization needs to ensure targeted management for both the physical as well as virtual servers to meet stated objectives in safe data transitioning and management. With years of extensive experience in Datacenter Security, ELIFACT can devise strategies that take your business to transcend growth aspirations with phenomenal outcomes.

Manual data centers and physical servers are being replaced at a lightning pace. SDDC or Software-Defined-Data-Centers are the need of the hour and virtualization of enterprise architecture is the key to success.

Get introduced to turnkey solutions

The prime emphasis is to eliminate technical glitches and protect data centers from malicious attacks. At ELIFACT, we can leverage our expertise and put our market experience into meaningful use. Our 360-degree turnkey solutions are useful in transforming your physical servers into SDDC. From networking and storage apps to servers and business applications, we can virtualize every single enterprise application.

Our software partners

We take immense pride in associating with market-leading data-center security software providers. Our professional association can bring about innovative changes within enterprise structure and ensure optimum data protection. Here’s a quick glimpse of what we intend to do:
  1. Non-stop and continuous surveillance of data centers
  2. Protection for both physical as well as virtual servers
  3. Safeguarding on-premise data environments
  4. Effective implementation of advanced security infrastructure
  5. Server monitoring and protection
  6. Configuration assistance for SDDC

The proficient, reliable, and experienced data engineers working with us can ensure maximum flexibility for an enterprise. We know that a business setup needs to scale up with time. It is right here that preparing the data center for such transitions become crucial. Our expertise lies in our ability to educate and train our clients to combat security threats. Even if they come across new risks and threats, we will make sure they are informed enough to handle those issues.

Revolutionizing data security for all

Crucial data sets are all that you need to tap into the right growth channels. Leveraging Big Data can unlock new avenues of automaton thus increasing business efficiency to a great extent. With in-depth knowledge, professional expertise, and targeted approaches, we can encrypt your physical as well as on-premise data centers effectively.

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