Hybrid-Cloud Consultancy and Solutions

Enterprises need to embrace the digital revolution for improved functioning. Every business owner would love to reduce downtime and enhance enterprise productivity. For this getting a robust and scalable hybrid cloud infrastructure will play a pivotal role in providing you with an unmatched competitive edge. With years of extensive experience in offering Hybrid-Cloud Consultancy and Solutions, ELIFACT can emerge as an ideal technology solutions partner.

We accelerate business growth via high-performance digital transformation initiatives. Our expertise in leveraging the highlights of both public and private cloud architectures can help you stay ahead of the growth curve.

Every business is different from the other. Hence, it becomes crucial to adopt specific approaches and leverage proven technologies. We believe in renovating your enterprise architecture by designing a unique plan for advanced operations. From strengthening the IT team to introducing Cloud, we perform numerous functions that increase enterprise productivity.

ELIFACT at its best

You need separate technology stacks for effective data storage. Since companies generate both critical and simple data sets, streamlined and targeted storage becomes imperative. At ELIFACT, we strive hard to create optimized environments for our clients. You can manage critical data and speed up in-house operations seamlessly. Our expertise in handling unified communication solutions, hybrid messaging services, and data center stack help us ensure swift operations for clients. Take a quick glimpse at the services offered by us

Deploying Azure Stack

ELIFACT comes with extensive market experience in deploying Azure Stack, a unique and innovative hybrid cloud that help enterprises gain better agility. Right from identifying enterprise needs to deploying the technology, we extend comprehensive services. Our solutions will get aligned to your existing operations thus making the transition as seamless as possible.c

Hybrid messaging for unified communications

You need to strike a balance between cloud operations and on-premise activities. With ELIFACT as the leading cloud integration partners, you will enjoy unsurpassed flexibility. We will make sure the synchronization between Cloud mailbox and on-premise services are effective. Our experts will also ensure safe, secure, and protected communication deliveries.

Strengthening business servers

Your business server is perhaps the most crucial element in the enterprise architecture. It is important to strengthen it and ensure optimum scalability. With a team of professionally trained Cloud experts, we can add power to business servers. If you wish to introduce the ‘Skype business suite’ for your enterprise, our team will extend effective assistance.

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