Cloud Computing Solutions and Services

Reestablishing your enterprise architecture in the Cloud is critical to accelerating business bottom line. You need to embrace the world of Cloud computing to improve operational efficiencies and reduce downtime. With a host of integrated Cloud Solutions and Services for businesses, we at Elifact can revolutionize your venture perfectly.
Public Cloud Consultancy and Solutions

Private Cloud Consultancy and Solutions

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Remote Management Services

Comprehensive solutions

Taking your business and the entire operational model to the Cloud isn’t an easy thing to do. Right from creating a Cloud Infrastructure that’s in tandem with running operations to managing the complete setup, the team of experts at Elifact can render comprehensive support. We are proficient in evaluation, introducing, integrating, and iterating the Cloud infrastructure, just the way you want it to be. No matter if it’s a startup, critical IT unit, or an established venture, the Elifact team will surely deliver targeted solutions. Here’s a quick snapshot of our Cloud Computing Services:

  • Platform management
  • Cloud structure establishment
  • Cloud computing
  • Cloud infrastructure development
  • Cloud management services

Taking enterprises to the next level

Understanding the intricacies and complexities of the Cloud infrastructure is highly crucial. We don’t just play the role of Cloud integration experts who only perform technical operations. Our team will discuss the enterprise needs, help you comprehend the highlights, and then deploy the infrastructure into existing systems. We aim to take your venture to the next level and will make sure it takes place in a seamless way.