Cloud Productivity Solutions

On-premise business setup can be improved for better operations effective resource management, and targeted data analysis. All you need to do is plan the major shift to state-of-the-art Cloud solutions and establish a dynamic enterprise platform. At ELIFACT, we devise effective strategies to create robust and scalable Cloud Productivity Solutions for businesses operating across multiple industry verticals.

Every business is different from the other. Hence, it becomes crucial to adopt specific approaches and leverage proven technologies. We believe in renovating your enterprise architecture by designing a unique plan for advanced operations. From strengthening the IT team to introducing Cloud, we perform numerous functions that increase enterprise productivity.

Reasons to Choose Us

ELIFACT emerges as the frontrunner in Cloud architecture designing, implementation, and delivery. If you wish to migrate to the Cloud for automated operations and improved functioning, our team of experienced and dynamic experts will help you in the process. We ensure smooth, seamless, and systematic migration which makes the transition easier for you. Here are a few pointers to prove our expertise:

Industry-relevant knowledge:

Enterprises differ from each other to a great extent. At ELIFACT, we don’t adopt run-of-the-mill approaches for our clients. We pride ourselves on a team of Cloud specialists who are highly knowledgeable about the latest trends and market-ready innovations. We will identify exact enterprise needs and come up with effective solutions.

Tested methodologies:

We have proven expertise and in-depth experience of working with Microsoft Office 365. Combined with professional strategies and the right technology, our solutions can accelerate bottom lines to a great extent.

Cost reduction:

The team at ELIFACT aims at increasing productivity at reduced costs. We strive hard to make the most of available resources thus adhering to budgetary limits. The most important part is we include client inputs and feedback at every level, which makes a difference.

Platform collaboration:

Embracing and implementing Cloud Productivity Solutions involve quite a few significant steps. You have to develop a collaborative environment between multiple platforms thus accelerating work processes. Our Cloud specialists, strategists, and a team of IT experts come together to brainstorm unique ideas. We create scalable solutions by leveraging existing technologies and resources.

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