Backup Solutions

Enterprises today are embracing digital transformation at a rapid pace. Speedy operations and optimum functionality are some of the crucial targets set by them. It’s right here that mobility and data backup emerge as the key factors in enterprise development. At ELIFACT, we have a crystal clear understanding of our clients’ needs. Our team of data backup experts are completely aware of the requisites, productivity goals, and digital requirements of your company.

Whether you are operating on hybrid cloud solutions or on-premise data, our data backup experts will find exclusive opportunities to strengthen your business infrastructure. Data analytics is a crucial part of running an enterprise and we will make sure you don’t lose any of the important data sets.

Our services at a glance

Comprehensive solutions along with targeted approaches are the prime highlights of our services. When it comes to offering data backup solutions, here’s what we can offer to clients:

Enterprise data recovery and backup:

Sudden incidents, accidental occurrences, and natural calamities can lead to data loss. It is highly imperative to recover these lost data sets as they prove to be valuable resources for an enterprise. At ELIFACT, we have a dedicated team working day-and-night to ensure fast and effective data retrieval.

Laptop and desktop backup:

Mobile teams working in different locations require uninhibited access to enterprise data. If you have a strong and dynamic mobile workforce working across locations, chances of data loss will be prevalent. With exclusive and well-devised solutions for desktop and laptop data backup, we can come up with the perfect support.

Mail archival:

Archiving enterprise mails is a significant thing to do. With a strong in-house team and access to state-of-the-art technical resources, team ELIFACT can come up with professional services.

Business continuity:

Generating smooth data flow across enterprise departments will accelerate processes to a great extent. We strive to ensure business continuity by delivering undisruptive data backup solutions.